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The patient was eight months old, and the tumor ** measured six inches in cir-
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owner and trainer of racehorses, or cases of i training
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An epitome of all the essential facts— chemistry,
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Neither the absolute total quantity of urea passed daily, nor
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two inches, and was thoroughly eleaned out with sponge pro-
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almost wholly in administering opium. There is no medicine from
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In compliance with my request, M. Dlckest, whose name is well known
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Inh'oductory. — IMeningitis in horses, cattle, sheep and swine
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horses, blow a drachm up each nostril, out of a cone of
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sure was made, and this was most manifest all round the chest and
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dilation and not due to left ventricular dysfunction, occurs in about one in ten patients treated with
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into all those parts of the superior border of the hemisphere which arc behind the
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it refers to bony or mechanical disorder or strain.
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2'ilh. He again had pyasmic rigors and sweats ; was now much emaci-
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as is usually believed, inheritance of the soil or predisposition. Baumgar-
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ought not to be resorted to where the pelvis is normal
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Serum C (commercial). Agglutinins are present in doubtful or small amounts
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skin. This acid is a product of the action of nitric acid
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geon on the fourth day. A ncai 1y spent conical ball struck
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perfectly convinced that every parturient woman in a febrile
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Erigeron corymbosus, Nutt. Trans. Am. Phil. Soc. vii. 308 (1841).
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only absorbs, it assimilates. It chemically alters what it absorbs,
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can approach semitropical. C. violaceum apparently is not
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(5) for multinodular goitres. It is contraindicated, on
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poor or not well to do — that you see it often, treat it often, cure it
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ceremony, " and as for those few poor children which I shall
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ration ; and, when detained awhile before its expulsion,
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subjects. I have seen the scrotum and penis nearly all
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infection with Bacillus dysenterise Shiga, and therefore are etio-
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temperament be shown to play any part. The nervous phenomena,
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an important communication! made a few years ago ; at
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, Brighton — Sussex County Hospital, 190 beds, £21 for two years.