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These are signs preceding labour ; but, when she is pre-

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culture were inoculated over the region of the poll of the mare,

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Actinomycosis," Lancet, 1884, vol. i. p. 107. — -40. Harley, John. "A Case of

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entering the Medical Courses. Students deficient in premedical work are urgently

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posable substances which are applied to the vaccination vesicles, and in

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here. The calcaneo-cuboid and the astragalo-scaphoid

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Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1859.

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questions of fact, often prejudging a case have had supremacy.

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on deep palpation over the region of the pancreas. The clinical

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Distant Slates (Me., N. H., Vt., Mass., Conn.. N. Y.. N. J.,

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(infrared) heat may have conveyed a substantial part of the

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or actions, that counteracted some otherwise lethal action, or actions, of physo-

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antifpptics and Peruvian bark may be freely admini-

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models and are accompanied by dose-dependent decreases in sys-

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of dlflferent angles of the sun's rays in heating the ground which have

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and bringing the index-fingers of each hand together, with the

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was found that a pelvic abscess upon the left side had

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deserve perusal, if for no other reason than to kindle a renewed interest

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a shrivelled gall-bladder which he had removed for a

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In the Chicago Medical Journal for May, Dr. J. S. Whitmire has an

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careful examination will almost invariably detect some weakness of the

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more copious. From these phenomena our author arg-ues that the functions of

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credits to every source the ideas not original with himself and shows

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right eye at intervals. In June of the present year his right eye com-

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of the intestine is only afforded by the use of remedies which are