Acute rheumatism, produces, we have seen, diseases of the
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cite uterine pains. And this is the reason also why its opera-
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favourable changes took place rapidly in this patient :
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The number of cases in which any permanent disorder of the nervous
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symptoms resolved within 24 hours. He has not had any
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down these ideas to provoke discussion and elicit the experience
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were stuffed in to check any oozing. These were removed on
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doubtedly serve to render easier the recognition of numerous forms
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rell, the writer assisting. An incision was made in
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Maltine will convert 33 times its weight of starch at 140 deg. Fahr, in 16 minutes
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tympanum, and its evacuation was followed by a rapid recovery of
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this, however, only serves to illustrate more strikingly the resources
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pected that a North Carolina lad will bear away the first honors at
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Sweden, and Drs. Thomson, of Philadelphia, and Jef-
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the body for its nourishment. We find where a clot has formed am'
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mission almost as direct as kissing. A less direct method is the cigarette
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in politics, beyond that of making it his duty always to vote
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It seems impossible at present to bring exceptional substances of this
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the privileges of membership, except the right to vote and to receive
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the radial cup is seen to emerge from below the annular ligament, and to
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The spinal meninges are congested, and here and there hsemorrhages
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P. gracile Dies.) <Ann. mns. civ. di storia nat. di Genova (1889-90), v. 29,
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Frenchman, Ambrose Pare. To sum up his life, it may be said
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overloaded with fat are poor subjects for operation. Adipose