the frontal sinus; of these, sixteen have already been published,
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are formed which, by uniting with the corresponding albuminous bodies
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Streptococcus pyogenes was also found in a certain number of cases.
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the air from the room through a solution which would
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and while you are filling positions of honor and influence ! Do you
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we have the equation, -W }-=- = K, indicating that no matter how
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The mode of treatment to be adopted in such a case engaged our most
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cases, and the reverse, viz., increased vocal resonance, was never
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Now, from this collection of circumstances, I deduce the following hy-
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of an ounce to a pint of water, the decoction of wild carrot seeds
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questions of fact, often prejudging a case have had supremacy.
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ployed for the urethra. Rectal suppositories are cone-shaped and
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Professor of Clinical Medicine. Attending Physician,
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of lodgment by the means before mentioned), and still more so
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its official use. The doctor had herds classed under A, B and C.
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alteration in the vessels. In a case recorded by Probst, though there
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After dissecting away the liver substance in the lower body section
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Worcester, Lowell, Somerville, Brockton and Fitchburg one
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By H. Douglas Powell, M.D., London, Fellow of the Royal Col-
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23 ; United States, 10 ; P. E. Island, 10 ; Newfoundland, 2 ;
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i| 1. Time saving. This cannula can be inserted at bedside
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damp, foggy and cold, for some of the conditions which excite
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question that this factor enters very largely indeed into the
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ration, as in coughing, it is bulged out, as may easily be ascer-
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ments, or for making approximate quantitative deter-
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with the late Dr. Struthers of Leith, to decide whether a young lady,
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naturally, then either no new false membrane is formed, or only one
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D. B. Smith presented a patient with aneurism of one of the vessels
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those parts affected need be examined; it is, however,
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a most violent case of eczema of the face and hands, accompanied
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culosis, though in the former it is doubtful if a single