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1874. Wilson, James Cornelius, A.M. (Princeton), M.D.,
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of such treatment can hardly be over-estimated. A soft rub-
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This book according to the author, has been mainly written for the benefit "of those
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Case 2. — Miss S., aged 28 ; always suffered during menstrual
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be very stiff and rigid, either in one locality or the
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convulsive contortions were witnessed in the last hour, they oc-
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time without showing signs of putrefactive decomposition. It is slightly dextro-
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if there be pelvic deformity, where there is no reliable anatomical
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ness being especially valuable in surgical technique, because it is a true anti-
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mucous pigmentation in chronic stomach troubles, and Thibierge (■'-)
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O^ 3 Terms, in advance, $1. Companies sending $10 will receive 11
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sure was made, and this was most manifest all round the chest and
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much water and three times as much potassium salts, while the
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trict in which such candidate resides. The candidate's application shall
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Hopkins Hosp., 1914, p. 210; Markwald, J., and Starling, E. P.: Jour. Physiol.,
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was given a diet with carbohydrate much reduced in quantity, and also sodium
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Dr. Henrt Kennedy having listened most attentively to this very
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lining to the sleeve of a coat. But if it stick fast, take
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Ce7it7-alblatt f. Bakt. und Parasitenskunde, iv. 1890, p. 682. — 13. Kobner. Archiv
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and refreshed. In the country no part of the day is so
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every case of chronic suppuration in the ear could be avoided by
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figure, this would indicate that 5.3 per cent, of the dry substance was protein.
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through the liver should increase as the pulmonary system becomes
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W. D. Learned 1, C. H. Knight 1, R. P. Burrell 1, L. O. Lossinger 1, F. T. Barber 1, J. Parton 1, G. S. Thayer
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or six weeks prior to that date. The tumour evidently had never
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poison vary according to the form and dose in which it is
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tage. But nerve tonics and above all arsenic in 5 grain
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connection with peroxide of hydrogen (medicinal) as an internal
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fell within 1.2 cm.; at 75 kg., 5 of 8 cases fell within 1.2 cm. The
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The method of treatment which Dr. Maclean advocates is called the " open
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good results are obtained in all uncomplicated cases.
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experienced in finding the internal opening, it is a prudent pre-
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sionally this will not be the case, and it may not only be necessary to