W. H. Manson. of the Glasgow Eye Infirmary, writing in the

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his account of the dysentery of '47 and '48 as it prevailed in Cambridge,

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iJie breath became cold, and the mouth dark in colour, he intorma

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regularly encountered in all the major trials of ACE in-

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experience, I am more than ever convinced that in mental

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as to lose shape and retain an impression of the texture of the

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womb slimy humors, v/hich nature has appointed to m.oisteii

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therefore, decided that the College could not in its cor-

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f Bettrage zur Pathologie der Blutgefdsse. Wien, 1859. Quoted from

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centre and inflammatory border due to the local action of the poison.

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ticular joint, an opiate embrocation, containing in addition

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better yet, a close sod of the common meadow grasses.

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There is no qaestion in connection with phthisis of more practical interest

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The esprit du corps is a principle of action founded on human nature,

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remove it by expression or by means of gauze sponges.

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such a prominent factor in the early as it is in the later stages of a cerebellar

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An important factor in tho cauHe of crime is iiit«*m-

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of whom 885, or 53.6 per cent were members of the State Medical

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held to the District Court under bail of $5,000 which was

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long ago, and read it through without stopping, except to eat

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(3) A good food must not only contain a high percentage of nutrients,

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oil, a vial of laudanum, a little tincture of lobelia,

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presence of air in the vessels was the only cause to which death could be at-

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head and neck had been mutually impacted into each other, the compact tissue

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Buffalo, the Vermont Medical College, the Long Island

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Sec. a, M., 8:00-9:00; sec. b, Tu., 8:00-9:00; sec. c, Wed., 8:00-9:00; sec. d,

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copious as the former one had taken place and was con-

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or cholera morbus the indications for treatment are the same.

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given it many times, when the result was complete failure. From

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ran be pressed against one of the wheels and so stop

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