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under continuance of the coma. In this last case the
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1964. Heath, Robert D., The Geisinger Med. Center, Danville, Pa. (17821)
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twisting a thread around it, as in the harelip. This was found to
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and Disease," because their great length and very technical character
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to 104.5°, with great restlessness and perhaps mild delirium.
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each occasion. No attempt was made to differentiate between
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removed by an ordinary conical trephine. These were immediately
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was supposed to be the entrance of air into the veins. In the
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endeavoured to prove that the complaint is caused by a dilatation
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complication most to be dreaded. The views advocated in the paper he
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they afford (the Oceanic Islands more especially), through
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case will perhaps sufficiently illustrate the most simple form of such
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I ondary to androgen deficiency. 3. Impotence due to
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noon, and night. This mode has succeeded in a great number of
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These centers have been differentiated from one another by anatomical,
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brane is slightly reddened and swollen. After a period, the duration of which
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first been regarded as acute mania, and in two of these
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extension before evacuating the wounded man to the rear.
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ulcerating carcinoma. This view of the case is supported by the fact
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uterus rarely takes place even as early as a second pregnancy, and the assertion of
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of extra and special nurses ; the assignment of differ-
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friends, have not had opportunity to observe the connection, and,
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of the patient's condition, the sugar has gone with
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3at true to yourselves, and the behests of Science ; true to the
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Royal Maternity Hospital ; Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women,
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author has not made much use of electrolysis in the treatment of goitre ; and