may select those forms which are especially aggressive at the two

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have produced many wounds of the abdominal viscera with

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pigs, and those of the Continent of Europe, especially in

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in which the microscope occupied an important position, he,

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Hospital, Mare Island, Cal., and ordered to the " Ranger."

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tissue. In the levator paljiebrae muscle some atroi)hy of

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skilful medicine is better, administered by my fool, than

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Sometimes it is the Extensors, and then the index finger or thumb

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dition of the air, it the ieeratto and eomplete abeence of tubercles of tfie lung, puhno-

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Sister of the ward. She assnred me that the patient was

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early years, owing to the absence of adverse social

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The annual meeting of the Corporation is held Decem-

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operative course and was discharged from the hospital |i

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in after the proper time, will tend to weaken the diseased tissues, and

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Avere no signs of tissue proliferation. The second case was that of a

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In Diseases of the Rectum and Other Portions of the Large Intestine

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Treasurer and Secretary — J. C. Kutherford, M. D.

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next consider the principal individual hazards, their danger and

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Only a few weeks before his death he had the great sorrow

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tive, and the air in a negative condition ; that is, the former pos-

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prepared by WilHam S. Merrell & Co., Cincinnati.

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li is not so useful, however, for the obtaining of the basic protoplasm

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in the chemistry of the bacteria and the manner in which toxins are secreted,

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will tend to come naturally in the course of three or four nights, and it is

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Patient — Lymphatic temperament; no history of hepatic colic;

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ticularly affected by rest in bed — she found the sit-

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and gruel. Great attention was paid to this method of treatment

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While there is among medical men an universal acceptance of the doctrine

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Treatment: — It is a good plan to adopt a course of syste-

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Left Kidney. — Measures 11 x 4 x 2.5 cm. Capsule easily

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the trachea is in constant danger of becoming impacted

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Pennsylvania University shows how differently the classes are

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or five days. 35y proceeding with extreme slowness, and never by irregular movements, both