material happens to be contaminated with spores of B. botulinus. 8 It

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of the tumour. Again we failed to find the missing tooth, as it was

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out any decided abnormal development of the heart, viz., cases of

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meat, whole wheat bread and buttermilk. He had polydipsia and polyuria.

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the characteristics, the success, and the results of this

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9. Ifchuria («f/!)^r(7//e^;rfl) renalis paralytodea. Salii,

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and all glands in the least affected removed ; ligate

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the women who did not try to obtain care — were fare for

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^ Siegel : Die geschlechtliche Entwicklung von Hsemogregarina stepanovi in Riisse-

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division of the resisting soft structures and amputation. The latter is

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and pharynx of such a character that the clinician had no doubt of the

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ington, that a physician from any part of the coun-

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employed to check it : — A. M., aged 22, single, German, nurse,

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interest in the advancement of our profession. Therefore, be it

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course of time vdll be discovered, described, and even

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sufficient to induce anaesthesia when given by the rectum, where

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For a long time, and even now to a certain extent, it was

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about harmonious action between the different Schools of Medi-

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Experiments : Use oil of turpentine for volatile and cot-

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AaT. 216. — Cane of Excision of the Knee-joint for Disease in a Woman

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periments, and sum them up as follows : " The subcutaneous injec-

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This she took for three weeks with an occasional saline aperient.

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that a positive reaction means that the patient has had

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At stated times this committee shall report its convictions,

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0.00% to 2.22%). Where race or ethnicity was reported,

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