the epithelial cells. Such a conclusion is, however, unwarranted, for the

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The routine use of morphine in the Dressing Stations and the

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Dr. McCaskey has carefully studied the vital capacity,

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under X-ray treatment within six weeks. Shortly thereafter a myelitis

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muller holds that lo days' rest in bed is suf&cient. He has had no

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Dimethyl ether. Diethyl ether. llethyl-ethyl ether.

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not fatigue him by exertion. When or even before symptoms of poisoning

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the pharynx is simply a continuation of the upper respiratory

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tients may be continued for quite a long time with benefit,

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which appeared to be doubtful, on February 9, 1915." A fit of choking

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ulceration of the eye-lids. 2. A finging and hifllng

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City, while reading a paper before the American Medical

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account of the danger of exciting traumatic urethritis.

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sensation of a thrust is sometimes actually synchronous with an

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We must now provide for the drainage of the bladder through

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ovarian cyst, or vice versa. With the ovarian cyst, al-

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injury to the base of the brain or lesions of the upper levels of the spinal

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frequently met with on the face ; especially about the eyelids, or

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Amussat, Dorner, Jameson, or others. A priori reasoning doubtless

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that he did nOt cease till bis efforts had forced the matter upon public attention,

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doctor nor nurse to attend her. Before acceding to his re-

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him by the President, following his nomination by the Secretary of

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At Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, in this first group

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tresses, which defeats the only possible object of its toleration — an increase