sane are. I thought that some one better qualified than I

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termine how far this intrinsic tendency may be operative in

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Anatomy at St. George's Hospital. The Drawings by H. V. Cakter, M.D.,

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The child was bom in forty minutes after this procedure, and although small,

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removed from his prepuce. That the seat of the wound might again become

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sumes all the characters of an essential fever. The former is the less frequent,

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and an interstitial. In the former, the most rare, a common

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nier, the suppuration from a prostatic cavity continues

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aided by city funds, established four out-ofdoor gym-

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amongst the townspeople as the " Wishing Well." The inscription

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land, Massachusetts and Connecticut are holding the fort. We

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nitrate of silver in substance may be applied to the uterine mucous membrane,

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City of New York, April 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th, 1859. Re-

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teenth century, when it appeared in Italy in the month of July in the year

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of the earliest advocates of systematic intra-uterine treatment, inasmuch as he

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hilus an embolus is discovered, with a long but much thinner

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one of them for his proficiency in these sciences. After this, he was ap-

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asked whether definitely satisfactory results had been obtained from thyroid

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Andalusia, which it is hoped have been preserved. —

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previously to die prevalence of cholera epidemically, and in many places

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only be replaced with great difficulty, are not so loaned,

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gastric ulcer and cicatrical pyloric stenosis before any malignant con-

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duces to the particular end it may have in view. Ex-

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leads to degeneration of the cardiac structure. We now know