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One hundred and eight cases, or 31.7 per cent., of those submitted

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a small quantity of silica, sulphate and phosphate of lime,

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phorus, 3 oz., mix well to a whitish paste; add chlorate

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is, nevertheless, one of the best of the text-books of gynecology.

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was made in cool weather, eight hours after death, the body being still warm.

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Leri. Case with scleroderma. Am. J. Dis. Child., 55:1273-

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Dales. The cbanee in the spermatozoa is a retrogressive one, and may be ob-

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tion of tincture of iodine for three days, when a ten

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Kidneys presenting these anomalous forms are usually also

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Gentlemen, there is no specific for nodular rheumatism. Almost

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of the dead product, or it has been tardily removed by the surgeon,

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to their being left behind for treatment. No really ailing men

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drawn the carbonic acid gas which it contains is driven off, and it then becomes