perhaps not yet settled. Whatever may prove to be its physio-
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myself. Indeed, an accurate diagnosis, in my opinion, could
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Riviera, Naples), Roumania, Hungary and France (the Riviera, Nice,
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mercury with a heart rate of 110 beats per minute. On
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necessary. The recently introduced cutaneous and ophthalmic
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Physical Examination. — This was chiefly negative. There was some evidence
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Areas) Order of 1905, 6880 ; and Sheep Scab (Eegulation of Move-
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THE ROXBURGH PUB. CO. Inc., Boston, Mass., Publishers
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caudal lobe of the lung discolored with hemorrhagic areas which were thought
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at once. A still more important indication is furnished by
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full temi. In this, w^hen the abdomen was opened, the child
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dicine, with any degree of diagnostic skill and discrimi-
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— the few and lonely pioneers. But the great mass
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action, that they lead up to the pronunciation of r. They are,
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the god told me in Aigina not to be so irritable. When
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of cod-liver oil in ether, and of the value of cream
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3. Monotony of occupation. He strongly advised every
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country houses in which there have been cases of typhoid, or
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Pospelow's case of " ulcus molle mammse " is the theme of the last
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in the ordinary manner, and apply a third ligature to the branch.
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ventricular wall were conspicuous as greyish-white lines. Micro-
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tery', and spoken of so seldom and so incompletely by
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ing, to appoint as many delegates to attend a National
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mentioned. It is not hermaphroditic, the two sexes being very
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In the second decade of the present century, differ-
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the part played by poisons introduced into the system. The most con-