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terial, a grumous mass, and we considered it a cancerous

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ion of the breast, Gross puts it at one year ; Erichsen,

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In both cases it is desirable when indications of approach-

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" The Use and Abuse of Antiseptic Injections in Obstetrical

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(5-10 per cent), both of which are synthetic compounds of silver and proteid

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in them; the arrangement of leukocytes and bacteria around

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As is quite generally known, gassing occurred in one of two dis-

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cover. They are then sterilized in boiling water for an hour and a

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from other departments to this department matters concerning

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tive, and the most easily assimilated medicine. It is eminently

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vice, and yet these very ones pass through their trouble in about

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J. H. Payne, assistant surgeon, detached from the " Marcel-

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land journey were contra-indicated ; those who required a carefully regulated

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sation of light The author resolved to try to remedy the

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well. In 1877-80, before the couveuse, 181 children died in

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the sense of fatigue — probably an early manifesta-

what is mometasone cream used for

what is mometasone furoate cream 0.1 for

used, will give us an opportunity to furnish them with this article, which

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this number of the Journal. — Dr. Milne INIurray read a note of a case

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circulation so increased that they become thoroughly warm by the

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difference was not great enough to make it a valuable means of dif-

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effect that, however excited, each nerve of special sense gives rise to

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In twelve operative interference was had recourse to, and of these

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the American Hospital for skin diseases, in the dis-

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stract of remarks, 24 feb.] <Gior. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, an. 51 [3. s.],

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sky has said that naked figures are so little the expression of the endless

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some instances a fatal termination produced by remedies given

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what is mometasone furoate nasal spray used for

Army Medical Reports, vol. xv. p. 258. The troops left the Gold Coast