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unless special indications for their use exist. Special conditions, how-

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the extent and intensity of the congestion. There is some cough,

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covering of the tube, the irritation caused thereby results in a

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scarified under strict aseptic precautions. Fine silver trocars with

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may be safely inferred when certain enteric symptoms are combined with

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to be larger than those in other parts of the spinal canal. They may

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while in fewer instances it may start as a gummatous arteritis. On the

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frequent occurrence, being included in this estimate. If the better

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percentage may be calculated by reading the vernier scale indicating the

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Treatment. — The patient should be rendered as comfortable as pos-

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clinical, side of the subject, and a bacteriologist to prepare the tubercu-

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present the tendency that is met with in poliomyelitis to clear up per-

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ond place (dose. gr. j — 0.0648. in 15 drops of glycerin, twice a week).

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directly due to the vascular disturbance are severe headache, optic neur-'

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of the age, though railing at his defection from the old gods,

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and a bill drawn, asking for one of the smaller sanatoria to bei

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be differentiated from the various other conditions previously mentioned,

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may be palpable, and the liver may be quite tender. Some chilliness

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and the former affection tends to exhaust to a greater degree the powers

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brain-substance or medulla of the rabid animal that has inflicted a bite

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trays itself by a change in the position of the visible apex-beat and the

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or active syphilitic lesions coexist. Pulmonary tuberculosis cannot be

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compensation does not fail so early in young subjects as in those more

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typhoid, typhus, malaria, sepsis, pneumonia, puerpei^al fever, and cholera.

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the motor cortex similar to that of the motor cells of the anterior horns.

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have a miraculous power, to the exclusion, partial or entire, of

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pecially those of the neck and axilla, and frequently a palpable

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ence has no particular significance. It is only with the onset of

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complained of When occasioned by corrosive fluids or traumatism, pain

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thickening of the stomach-walls, with great diminution in the size of its

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the pain, which is lancinating in character and situated in the epigastric

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urgent dyspnea, with the emission of curious sounds. The muscles of

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paraplegia. Spasticity and exaggerated tendon-reflexes may remain

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is to be followed by a purgative dose of some mercurial. Colchicum is

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pernicious anemia may be grouped : (1) those cases in which no discov-

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Sytnptoms. — In many cases the symptoms are similar to those met

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effects of emboli that occupy the various organs of the body. Gastro-intes-