obligation to provide patient-requested low-yield life sup-
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both the protein and the carbohydrate. Pilot studies have
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intelligently, will receive certincates from the Secretary,
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use of thioridazine tablets
ous growth has sloughed away from the action of local ap-
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it does not occur at the age of greatest excess ; it is not a secjuel of
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made a special study of the manner of preparing the
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be much oedema, where the parts lie m contact with each
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after death, when the body was flung aside rolled up iu the
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ever\^^here in the room. The bacterial flora of the floor is soon to be
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often object to this treatment, especially if the operation
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Finally, epileptiform seizures, general paralysis, drivelling or
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4. Alexander, S., Kleiger, R., and Lown, B. : Use of ex-
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December 1, 1917, there were from 40 to 50 in actual daily use. The Command-
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come constricted by pressure against the apertures, their re-
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His quotations from Aretceus, Bonetus, Dolceus, Cleghorn,
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Dean of the Department at Chapel Hill and Professor
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conclusion that the parasites were not of the same species ; the Gam-
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some parts of this State) for Dr. Armstrong's congestive typhus
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temperature, since the latter occurs when the sweating is
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only thirteen cases out of one hundred and forty-two ; another had still
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retracted, more certainly if it is entirely wanting, as with the
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and are probably altered epithelial cells (Unna, Hartzell).
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tives. To prevent the formation of membrane, he has seen the best results from
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organic Hquld SnSn sulphuric acid or sulphates, these should be separated
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nervous centres, in every other organ of the body, can be
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professional, and so forget that their own work is to be a model
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organism, should it remain virulent, may succeed in break-
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the administration of thyroid extract with arsenic there
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" badly torn " in consequence. The history of intermenstrual pain dates
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collateral circulation, analogous to that of cirrhosis of the liver, usually
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the patient dies too rapidly for this effect to follow; but even when he survives
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In a word, the principle is the same as in the operation for anal fissure and
The kindergarten should be a place to educate young children
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side of right auricle one or two large patches bounded by
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strips of uterus into tonic contraction had a somewhat similar action
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from the sick room and mingle with other children, who
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to know that judicious medical treatment may retard or prevent,
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I '\Y. Apoplexy, followed by Delirium, and proving fatal in tight
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described in connection with antimegatheriolytic serum. Rabbit red cells,
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that the little patient would have been placed in a better con-
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the patient and the family, and probably a shorter hospital
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reCereiice to the ett'ecls of geological chaniics on animal
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Pereira tells us that^ '' of all diseases, for which nux vomica has
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characteristic of the trypanosome in the blood (PI. 43, fig. 301);
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shipped that could be infected. The best authorities in Argentina
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particle of horror and repugnance as on a type to which they