order to evacuate, to have recourse, according to custom, to several lave-

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that operation would be warranted if it did nothing more than

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regarding the anatomical lesions from which the malady originates.

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endowment period, and with all claims paid immediately xipon

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gested from over-use of the eyes. I gave him a solution

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this time that the substance between the walls of the canal, which is to be

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They are not compelled to remain in the hospital for

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Las been made use of in some cases for the purposes of

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paresis of the rectum and of the bladder and with ob-

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About a week after this abscess was opened, she walked a considerable

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but this method renders it very difficult to pass a needle round the artery,

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widdle says, of exceptional virulence of human sputa,

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amputation and this form usually presents the appear-

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ink?^ The cranial contents of Lieut. Claggett were not examined, but the

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peritoneum. Of the difBcul^ of differentiating between

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numerous cases, the power of medication in preventing the first stage from

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sociation, relating to some 300,000 cases of skin disease,

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in rare instances, as in that of Neuffer^ already alluded to, that death

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' Denman*s Aphorisms on the Application and Use of the Forceps, &c.

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trying to emphasize the habit side of this question.

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The introduction of setons is also a proceeding well adapted for the cure

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motion and spasmodic contraction In lower limbs ; 17 months l>efote

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structure over which it has to pass, occasions inflammation, is equally

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individuals against a malady which affects the innocent

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the ovary and remove it and the tube. Ma&s ligatures around

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is such a thing as "grippe," for he says "Christian

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is important because, when respiration ceases before the fatal

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Case 27. — R. D., colored, died of phthisis, and his wife is

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The first generation of physicians in Tennessee has passed away; and we

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of syphilis, and especially the dangers to innocent per-

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were injured," but as to the sergeant's being killed, this deponent has said

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They serve to close the angles of the wo\md and reduce

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« Eberle, vol. ii., p. 48, 2d edition. Paris, vol. ii., p. 115, 2d American edition. Chap-

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The College of Medicine and Surgery has increased its

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panies, and others, an injunction was granted by Judge

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investigation must stand the test of practical utility.