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and the cheesy spots in malignant tumors are only necroses,

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continuous in its action, and because it renders the lymph incoagulable,

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4. Hospitals in New Jersey are forming holding companies

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recommended, beginning with emetics and ending with drastics. It

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pain and numbness in her right hand and arm, with some loss of

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^L P. Ravenel {Medicine, Detroit, 1902, Vol. VIII, No. 7,

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hole cut near one border for the thumb. The splint is soaked in

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crack, at the side of the middle cranial fossa, it descends downwards into

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philanthropist, and a patriot, and erected to his own memory a monument

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abdominal walls are thick, is apt, if alone included in the

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of the ordinary methods place them entirely beyond the reach of medical men

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in the hepatic shadow, especially if the abscess is in the left

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closer attention to the means of preventing these lacerations, especially those

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of March, 1906. In the evening a public lecture will be delivered

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the cysts is of great importance, as the active stage of the minute

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rheumatic fever is characterized, without producing, from first to last, the

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March 9.d. Disturbed night; took some milk punch as well as the

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off" limb was operated upon ; fifteen days later the splints were

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tion, such studies require extensive resources and planning.

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many cases " labelled " neurasthenia, that bore little or no resemblance

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tion : just above the* ankle then' is a deep depression surround-

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except those on the bill of fare — which was not eaten !

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since the first edition, which we find adequately described.

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alkaloidal method of treatment. That this method not only cures

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fourth month; it is, however, more frequent at the fourtii

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extent to which I use the solidiate of qninia. In tbs

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This, in small quantities, is a j^rfectly harmless substance.

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; tion of a diathesis, strumous, scrofulous, or call it

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