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«f Urinary Diseases. 9d edit, post 8va London, St. M,
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of the external oblique muscle. The lower edges of the internal
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reduce vasomotor tone ; the worked parts, if exhausted, remain
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J. F. Chavasse. Renal surgery. Lancet, February 26, 1887.
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less likely to be the bloods of ox, horse or sheep, than human
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may be given internally : sulphur, antimony, arsenic, mer-
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fuse expectoration of thin yellow matter, almost like the beaten yolk of
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common occurrence, sympathetic inflammation is of such serious,
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ciple of strict moderation, and the truly temperate use of all God's
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From time to time she was thrown into general spasm, when she be-
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obstacle to reposition. The line of traction must be adapted to the
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Lichen Tropicus. This disease is frequently mistaken for scarlet fever,
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to rain and night air and other inclemencies and would have
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The average decrease of vision from 15/20 to 8/20 by relaxation of
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two ounces every four hours, eggnog with sherry, half
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it is one of the best, and one that is harmless even in
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Treatment. Mumps is a self-limited disease, little influenced by treat-
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lateral lung is a contraindication, unless it is of minimum extent
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in the outermost of which resides the color sense, in the middle
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nous polypi occupying the roof of the nostril, which
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dissections was everywhere known and the Holy Office
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rich as that of the medulla, being represented by fine arterioles which
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M. D., who alluded briefly to the death of ihe late President,
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