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no communication made to a physician shall be deemed confi-

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The thenar and hypothenar eminences were bulging and constituted marked

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The chapter upon appendicitis is a little disappointing. We

pentoxifylline (trental) is a medication used for which of the following

physician. A specimen of urine was collected and submitted in the

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physician, but it places absolutely in the hands of the politicians

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its upper part, now closed by a loose clot. The accompanying drawing

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Chicago shows that 56.1% of those losing wages, lost less than

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these patients back to their physicians with instructions that they should

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means of getting at and removing exostoses from the auditory canal ; and he

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bodies from the ear, and indiscreet syringing of the ear as well as the indis-

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In all the mammals examined, including man, the general

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During the days immediately following its birth, before the 'secretion

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tance of the knowledge of the weight of the infant, and it is a

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also may happen that after breakfast, . . . the bowels will again

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with difficulty owing to dense adhesions. The anterior mediastinum

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tirety, and the physical findings showed it. We do not anticipate very much

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colon and cecum six inches long lying over in the left iliac fossa.

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hair black, he adds another very similar instance. The woman, seventy-two

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gives all that is needed in the conduct of an ordinary case. The

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four hours, the immediate result as to drainage is good. If, in addition,

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pentoxifylline (trental) for intermittent claudication

thousands of people the country over who are ready to accept

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the facts and consequently not being in a position to put themselves

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except the bacilhis tuberculosis, is as follows : Ihe sections are immersed

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penetrating the head. A long screw was inserted into this hole. An-

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patient remaining well seven and one-half years after operation.

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service at St. Mary's Hospital of the same kind, that I took to be cases

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various infant foods is valuable. As stated above, scurvy and

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familiar to the profession, but as they contain much that is suggestive

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laceration of the cervix was found upon the left side, which did not bleed.

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than they would have been if the operation had not been performed.

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an inflamed bladder frequently contracting to expel its contents; in

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compressed, and anaemic. The smaller placenta had prolapsed in front of the

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to the measure which they had taken up, albeit they dodged the

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destroying sentient beings, is a crime that should be denounced

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many bacilli — all findings quite usual in women's urine, contami-

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showed a small round mass in or about the centre, which had not taken

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an hereditary taint or predisposition to disease, but rather whether

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sort, the industrial commission? May I suggest Mr. James Lynch

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