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March 13. — Morning temperature 102.5°F., evening 104°F.
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Sterility also is often the result of anteversion, but not so generally
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occasionally it will be found that glycosuria follows this
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modern science, we are now looking beyond the great mass of hereto-
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are the same as those governing the flow of fluid through any system of
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more or less definite course, and cannot be aborted by
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Wirthsdarms. [Review of Luehe, 1902 a, 1>\ t von Linstow] < Arch. f. Naturg.,
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By the exercise of a little patience, and attention to the methods to
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the antiseptic treatment. The patient can now readily flex and
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rickets of adults and aged persons, while scrofula shows itself espe-
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to the Local Government Board upon the Influenza Epidemic of
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dian, ulnar, and internal cutaneous nerves were sep-
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Neubauer and Staubli. He also reports another case of intestinal
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infection, in general, not direct, but by means of some vehicle, the
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10.6 per cent, in the metabolism, as measured by indirect calorimetry.
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These records show that this distribution is approximately inversely
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nothing that would deprive any member of the profession of a fee.
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It is then that disease is most easily controlled. Every soldier has been
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school in public health, conducted at the hospital conjointly by
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have been expected that they should be found — ^yet, many of these