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increase considerably in weight, the cough in some cases dis-
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" writer cramp " or " housemaid knee." The correct term, invariably
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out-patient department is open daily, from 9 to 11 a. m.
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bacteria. They suggest that antiphagocytic action of this nature may
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that of fibrous tissue, homogeneous except in two places, where
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tions observed so often in the faucial tonsils. I recall
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methods used in the Final Examinations here ; that is a matter regard-
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of our profession. He suggested that our society consider the
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tunity for a thorough test in Chronic cases of Debility and Nervousness. Express
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glands; Dr. McCarthy with the difficult field of the nervous system,
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Bclma's Method. — This surgeon obliterates the hernial
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instance of each of the two forms of suppuration to
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that organ becomes less and less able to do its proper
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Malignant Forms. — Though measles, if uncomplicated, is, as a rule,
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