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in the conjunctival sac, in normal animals, shows no influence upon

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studies of the Institute of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene of Porto Rico

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of this study. The authors, Richard I. Shader, Chairman of

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quests of the microscope, in the field of cutaneous pathology,

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the limestone. At Chino, California, where oil is used for

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1 W. Cheselden, The Anatomy of the Human Body, 8vo, London, 1730.

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lines laid down in the chapter dealing with this subject, and

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accounting practices. The Commissioner of Health was

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disease. Dr. Marcy performed laparotomy and found disseminated

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*No. 3. — Sulphur dioxid as a germicidal agent. By H. I). (Jeddings.

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(e) Scirrhus of the appendix from a female patient aged 21.

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