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April 2nd to 8th. Seventeen cases, •< of which were above 14 years of age.
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were many varieties of ringworm, and considered that some
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During the year Dr. Koch treated nine cases of tubercular leprosy, one
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rise was very unstnady, and liable to great fluctuations and
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not confined to the students of that school. The teachers of
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Meteopolitan Counties Branch.— The annual meeting of this Branch
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the aqueous by paracentesis would be almost as satisfactory,
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From aUMdesimoSg those in his own community who lived or worked
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years ago. She exhibited the following symptom?. General
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iv.**? IJEAR SiH,— In taking leave of your Society on mv appointment to
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council: President: *Frederick William Pavy. M.D., F.R.S. ;
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<Reported by Mabcus Ecstace, M.D., B.Ch., D.P.H.Univ.
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He fed two pigeons on yolk of egg for twenty-six and thirty
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Branch will be held at Chester en or about June 28tli. Gentlemen
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physical examination of the abdomen and pelvis was negative
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DanielFerguson, A. A. Finkelstein, J. Forrester, A. F. GaUuway,
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cornea; that, also, was the prevailing operation here at that
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level to be done away with ; but the pipes had never been