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10 cc. of serum. Third day. Knee improving nicely but right
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Ireland ; Licentiate and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in
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the nitrate of silver, freely applied in its undiluted state.
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months and a half, with successive attacks of colic and
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Harrill, L. B., Caroleeu, Grant Univ., 1897 1902 1904
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doubt a small communication existed between the cyst and the
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favorable symptoms; yet these tokens of recovery are found, not only
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and the symphisis pubis. I did not try to have guidance from
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passes from almost complete flexion to almost complete
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^Handb. d. Path. Mikroorganismen. KoUe u. Wassermann, 1903, I, 526.
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municating with the ends of the bones, or otherwise.
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is some evidence to show that it may be easier to find men in England
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as great as that of the blood supplied to the hepatic cell,
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diabetes, the morbid change appears to be the result of what may
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tion its advantages over the ordinary balsam are very
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called to the fact that deaf-mutes are free from vertigo,
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layer of moist air and a wet, clammy surface, so that the risk of
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forests of the world is faultless. No face is symmetric, no
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the destruction of the tubercular lung was effected. There
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an opiate dose during the day, when pain is urgent," For this
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the horse scrum is there- n oo «« f\ oc\ r>i> n-2Q oo
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position of the calculus, except that he has found that in
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that preliminary examination shall be. Are some of the
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are bony in character, and impinge against a small area of
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syphilitic or atheromatous arteries. In rare cases embolism of the
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maculosus, the causes and nature of which are not yet clearly
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four miles, and the result of the experiment was, that the velocity of
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may be necessary to add a few drops of formalin or chloroform to
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during variolous, s(-arlatinous, and morVjillous epidemics, many persons experi-
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On inspection of the skin, a petchial eruption was found to
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a course similar to that which you have been witnessing to-day. Here, then, we
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What is the therapeutic value of Pulsatilla as an ommenagogue 1 Is the
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marriage. This young lady presented signs of pelvic abscess
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prill, r.itiim .it li,.n<-. li, .\,-\ .-i , i- , ,.inp,ir.iti\.-l\ S,-l,.ii wi.inui- 111, r.
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by a wide and unbridged gulf from that of material processes.
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cannot understand. We need to set high standards and
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first systematic health work in the schools was begun. At that time,
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stomach or intestines for its seat^ and when these organs are serioasly
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(3) To make a broad study of social conditions that