wants of science will be legally provided at a small expense.
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capable of living in the human body, and also in some way outside the
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water and reprecipitating it. Finally it was dried at a temperature of
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internal and external uses of natural mineral waters are dealt with in
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ground of these rival views. I am in favour of the view that the
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standing. Her character, as well as that of her family, is such as to pre-
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They produce the finest trees, the linest animals, the finest men, and are
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in which the lectures are to be given, good success will follow.
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superior to any obtained from any health resort or frcm any other treat-
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oil on the nutrition of ill-nourished, rickety infants, and the advisability
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1. Foster. Text-book of Physiology, 5th ed. — 2. Waller. Huniun Physiology,
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in attendance at the time, in the family of one of her friends, I was re«»
safe return to health. This was done by separating the destroying
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to restrain its drainage to the general lymphatic system. Where the
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gether with high fever, seemed ominously indicative of hepatic abscess,
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In Pneumonia the rules for temperature, pulse, and respiration
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various forms of albumin serumalbumin is constantly found, and with
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organ at the expense of the essential cell elements. In obstruction tfi
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either side. What is said above gives, I believe, the estimate of the
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The deplorable quackery which has degraded medical electricity of late
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second or third day. The pulse is always very rapid, sometimes par-
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an evening exacerbation of about 1-5° to 2° F., being followed by a remis-
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pure cultures of typhoid bacilli. Positive results were first obtained by
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any discharge from ears or nose, any peculiarity of the eyes, and if there
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sulcus in the dog produced pyrexia. Soon afterwards it was discovered
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immunity, or establish the existence of a latent predisposition, undetected,
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when the exudate is aseptic, from these and the microbes together where
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ensuing overgrowth there can here be no question of irritation by any-
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organ : or, among malignant new formations, the melanotic sarcomata
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NO. 33 Tremont street, ten doors north of the Tremoni House, devotes his chief attention to com-
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a fair temporary substitute ; and even if the inability prove permanent,
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in the right cavities. Dr. Wall has described murmurs and friction sounds
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on their Structure. — In no subdivision of Pathology is the contrast
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A most important point observed by Knud Faber is that there is not
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severe though non-fatal case occurred at Gedney Hill, about ten miles from
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a liberal measure, promising good results in several ways. But as a
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is parted with, the increase of bodily temperature is not so rapid as in
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The thickness and size of the fibrin filaments varies considerably and,
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Dear Sir, — I wish it were in my power to give my friends at home
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tine, croton oil, mercury, copper and silver nitrate. On the other
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(article " Fievre typhoide," in vol. i. of Traite de m^declne, edited by Cliarcot,
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that an augmentation in the volume of the arm takes place. These dis-
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Suppuration of the lymphatic glands, or around them, is uncommon.