One case out of many is related as follows : A healthy

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Nature of Prostatic Hypertrophy. — Prostatic hyper-

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knives, nails, and other similar articles without ulceration

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without any more irritation of the eyes than would have

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and Morbid Parturition," fully establish his claims to stand in the

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patients who .say they receive no benefit from this

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5. Sparrow, No, 113.— This sparrow was rich in H. Rou.vii and in the

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smells in it. All. ait a week before the vessel hit, the patient drank by accident

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er and boiler for baths, while in the other a disinfestation outfit was

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plegia. In the great majority of instances in which there was impairment

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attempt, he and his compeers persevered till ten or twelve years

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The treatment of disease by the Chinese doctor consists chiefly in

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the treatment of intestinal fistulas, postoperative starvation,

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one hundred and thirty-five new engravings have been

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" I think," says Dr. Guillaume, " that the habit of making

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tion, of flexion and extension, without severe pain or crepitus. In

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tarium, it is beneficial for the sick and those dear to him to be near each other,

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mortars is probably due to the gradual absorption of carbonic acid

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He reminded his hearers that bacilli have been found

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membrane, it quickly penetrates first the upper layer

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E. Wagner and A. T. White, Chicago; E. M. Hood, Mason City; M. L.

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I suggested, that he caused to be removed all the dirt, papers, ofi"al,

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The strength of the current must be adapted to each indi-

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to work is diminished, and that the student with money in his

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Jahrbuch fur Kinderheilkunde, 1900, p. 297.— James, M. A. "A Case of Late Rickets,"

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the patients in some cases expressing themselves as

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of consciousness occurring every two days, and lasting two

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seemed almost impossible of solution. At this time an arti^

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tion between the composition and the staining properties. The

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forearm the muscles of the anterior and external regions are first attacked.

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Joint Disease in connection with Locomotor Ataxy. 347

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successfully carrying on such instruction. From that time

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the cases spontaneously and without the disease being suspected.

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acid free from iron, we shall obtain a yellowish solution, which will give with

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It has been demonstrated by Anderson, of Yale, and others, that

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natural law existing among all animals. Hence, it would seem to be