This has proven satisfactory to the taste of the pig, and

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its own lines. In both, however, the issue lies in the

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while occupying this position he began the study of medicine.

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The program will contain presentations by nationally promi- i

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ease, and set himself to work on the lungs of children who had died of acute

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very small quantity of pus and a mass of detached lung of the

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risk of infection in the open can hardly be measured, for

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classed with the true streptococci, possesses characteristics which demand

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a water-clock, but both to him and to Erasistratos we owe more

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ashamed. Are they so humble that they think the opinion of

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force contained in each plane, the conditions are reversed.

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outlet along which the forceps must enter the pelvis is a line

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The diseases reported in ten yeaxs ore contained in the foUowing

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Mrs. W— , thirty-nine years of age, of low stature, thickset, fleshy,

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Dr. Copeman relates the particulars of foarteen cases of puerperal convul-

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the selection of our remedies and use those only which will

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acids or alkalies are added to water, the range of variation in H ion is

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To this form the term suffocative has been applied. In some cases, pre-

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aff'ected ; but as the respiratory muscles soon become paralysed, obviously

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Not infrequently there may be seen between tubules thoroughly

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such common troubles as poisoned cuts and pin pricks of

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to syphilitic basal meningitis, has been referred to elsewhere (vol. vi. p.

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next to steel, the greatest rigidity and durability, while free from liability to oxydation. The barrel

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lying 011 wet sheets taken together. 4, Compress on the abdomen. B. Baths.

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cine. Fourth Edition. Forrest Ramon Davison, B.A., M.Sc.,