used error may arise by the formation, in a concentrated urine, of a colorless
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In prescribing a suitable diet it must be remembered that the car-
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An abscess may sometimes be left to nature when it will reach the
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Not rarely there may be frequent attacks of dyspnoea and vertigo.
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Quinine. — This is a remedy that ought to be kept on hand* in
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that it is an affection of the entire organism, and that it will inevitably
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any rate the joints are not particularly apt to'be symmetrically in-
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Agnevv, Cornelius R., M.D., clinical professor, 152.
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In virtue of its febrifuge properties, quinine has been administered
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by gradual infiltration with urate salts. In such cases it is not un-
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corpuscles and the destruction of red blood corpuscles, also that the
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wear and tear plays a prominent part in the production of the ob-
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bone. They are usually about the size of a small split pea, but they
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important light upon the nature and origin of arthritis deformans
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ment. Other affections may complicate the existing trouble and
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of diabetes which are accompanied by an increased excretion of uric
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or has passed. This is accompanied by symptoms due to defective renal
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several ligamentous bands. Its average capacity is about one pint.
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cles, and (3) ijigmented flagellate organisms. These different forms
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convicts dying in the State prisons at Sing Sing and
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headache and an agonizing backache. During the incubation the
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that thej' are all connected with a common cause. Their alternation
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oedema occupies the dorsal and the plantar regions, and sometimes is
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forms of the disease the characteristic ventricular hypertrophy that