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that their energy and ambition and initiative were to a great extent destroyed.

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ciation of the hearty welcome which had been given him. He

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lecturing in the different medical schools of our Union that it

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a diffuse chronic nephritis. Examination of the blood

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From the histological details of the affected epiphyses it may with

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infirmity. After their patience has been long tried they abandon one

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Parturition is an almost indispensable factor as the disease oc

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ous than Burgundy and other wines that are rich in tannin and sugar.

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stare there is no danger nor any occasion for medicine.

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droquinine derivatives and were readily obtained in crystalline form.

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change of rhythm for a study of the literature shows distinctly that

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was sure the Society was very much indebted to Dr Elder for

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new born infant until the breathing has commenced the process of

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