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In preventive medicine and hygiene it is absolutely essential
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10. t Meyer, P. J. — Untersuchungen iiber die Veranderungen des Blutes in der Schwan-
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sions. If it is meant that a peculiar kind of convulsion is very apt to
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the abdomen. It is, nevertheless, doubtful if this distinction always ap-
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the forearm was almost lost : electro-sensibility and electro-contractility
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used within that range, it has not thus far given rise to toxic symptoms.
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quently the father, as well as the mother ; in the other case, com-
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Anesthetics: The depression of cardiac contractility, conductivity, and auto-
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; iehiiiL.' nl hi- mu-ele>. 'I'hi- nti' with e\ei'ei-e. 'I'he e.und
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tion developed in the soft parts close against the outer surface
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Bolton has produced a gastrotoxic serum by making an emulsion of ceriain
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building, the whole of which is occupied by the Dis-
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for serious reflection on the part of all practising physicians.
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published a paper on this subject, by Dr. Julius Morel,
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It is only upon some few individuals that this peculiar effect
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able doses. To procure rest and sleep, and a nutritious and care-
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arrangement, and dwelling strongly on the immense increase
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therefore, that are not able, successfully to treat these affections,
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been earned, and when it would help their readers so much.
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During the past two years the patient had had a good
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front of the right heoiisphere of the brain was composed of
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the schools, and gave us cognisance, if not comprehension, of the
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thinks that the "notion of life is too complicated, embraces too many par-
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removed. (3) If gall-stones or any of the first five
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which is left for hours upon the hob to keep warm and become
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dition. For cases of illness which may arise during the
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Port Dover ; Double Orchidectomy in Enlarged Prostate, by
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two to four pints may l>e taken in the form of curd made by n»nnct.
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C, a female aged 28 years, was admitted into the hospital