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better, and continued to suffer until I became my own physician,

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media. Subsequent cultures are not composed simply of isolated scales

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Fragilitas ossium signifies an abnormal brittleness of the bones; it is

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dition is dependent on irritability of the stomach, which causes slight eructa-

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of the vocal cords may result either from local syphilitic disease, or from

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been brought about, but too late to be of benefit. Koch believes

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numerous ova (Fig. 81) of the parasite. In all cases of tropical anaemia,

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surface area, body weight, and the size of the chest, was thought to give

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present its principal interest is an analogical one, and lies in the light it

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lobular septa, or of alveolar walls, may be seen in the large emphysema-

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tenderness is always most marked in the immediate neighbourhood of the

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these cases, by proper treatment, the catarrh diminishes and may com-

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definite organism — the glanders bacillus — as occurring in the infected