Pig. 5. A drawing from a section of a fowl's liver, showing capillary containing
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yellow. Finally, when the spots of the host began to brighten up the
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results of the analysis with reference to this point is such that
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rests of the profession." W r e may well hail it as an omen portend-
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was two inches shorter than the muscle on the sound side. He
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fistulous opening, hoping that the matter might be expectorated
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ticed after Cones' fracture was generally considered
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small pellets at a time. There is special fullness and
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milk is rejected in a curdled condition, some time after being
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Several years ago, I attended, along with Professor Velpeau, a young
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Turning to the subject of the institution of the Col-
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French will be the official language of the congress for all international
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closed between two layers of cloth on the floor, also
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a three-fourths vote of the Fellows present and voting.
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pea; one, only, was considerable larger, and this was crushed.
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the median line and, after about four or five inches have disappeared
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Mr. Percivall, who is our chief authority on this subject,
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dently not nourished by it, and was daily sinking from exhaustion. His
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of the laboratory ; and that chemistry does not approach any nearer
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set, then, on recovery to the erect attitude, the fact that the ribs
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mation of one or more clots. It is not improbable, that among the
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cluding many hospital formulae. The list of diseases is exten-
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V. Ingerslev reports the case of a girl, ten years of
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man, is much more frequently found (although even in them it is by no
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sent five cases to the surgeon. All his drainage cases yielded better to
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D.P.H. , F.C.S. Sixth edition, with illustrations; pp. xii + 418. Price 10s. net,
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tremor of paralysis agitans, because that has a characteristic
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electric current cannot, according to our present knowledge of its application, be
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of Dr. Cammann. He took only some slight palliative remedies. He
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uremic or cardiac, it is constant, and as mental dulness or
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thesia was then proceeded with in the usual manner; it took
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