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are more difficult to perform satisfactorily and much more waste-
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tion, but the return of the natural voice or that approaching it, by
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Fie 219— Case IV. April 17, 1916. During period of normal rhythm
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he had been stung by a "yellow jacket" on the right hand, and
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we use a small dose. It is too much like gauging a boiler, tested
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In scarlatina anginosa, the cold-water treatment may be adopted to
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1,000 units of streptomycin. The penicillinase does not
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and even higher titers are obtained. In Rocky Mountain spotted
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not to bump or move the racks. [A shorter (1 hour) incu-
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groups of plants that is knowTi to be the common cause of hay-
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Let us have this hospital, then, in the interest of science,
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excreted measured, in cubic centimetres, as follows: 1,110, 1,170,
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others such as A. aerogenes and Salmonella species.
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and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour shaking
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intestinal contents, the mouth, tonsils, and nose, and are often found in
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that the majority of patients require alcohol at the time of the crisis, if
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most frequent lesion in Sydenham's chorea. With no disease,
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mediately place in a tube containing 1 ml of nutrient
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expression of countenance had changed for the better, less rolling
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sanious discharges take place from the nostrils, irritating the neighbour-
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a. Principle. In this type of colorimeter two compared solu-
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medium a recognizable acidity or alkalinity is more rap-
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seldom ending in tuberculosis ; those of the digestive organs, dyspepsia, dif-
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gestions of this law he classifies under these four heads : the doc-
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their families or friends, find themselves with 'persons suffering
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quently put to the test repeatedly in his own experience, the
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laryngeal obstruction increase in severity, tracheotomy or intubation should
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since that comes very near perfection. The bad taste of publishing
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minutes after the potassium carbonate is added. Other-
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k. Cut sections, and remove paraffin in two or three changes of
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it was negative. At this time his vital capacity was 2400 c.c,
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animals, the pathogenetic germs can act in no other direction ; they