will depend on whether or not we can exclude in the interpretation
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On the 19th of May an improvement in her condition is recorded,
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was added an amount of 0.85 NaCl solution equal in each case to
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efforts to confer a passive immunity could be more profitably
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to gainsay that this may sometimes produce cholera, but how could it
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Dr Fraser said that he could not approve of Liebreich's views,
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years, Wilder reports that 87 per cent, are either quiescent or cured
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to the body, although such entrance is possible, probably by the
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proper regard to the patient's relish of the same.]
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admirable methodicity in performing scientific experiments, and
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abnormally wide and the loss of water and of heat from the skin
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drop obtained which shows very marked concentration of leukocytes about organ-
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precautions reduce the amount of solids and liquids ingested.
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saving the blood after confinement, we gained, as it were, the
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the most actively emetic of the digitalis principles, digitoxin being much
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A chronic bronchitis frequently causes a secondary involvement of the
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Thanks are also due to the painstaking American surgeons who
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demonstrate the meningococcus 18 times, this representing 15
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he asserted that " the diseases of the soul result from the habits of
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This may frequently be done if the paralysis is of central origin (sphinc-
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functioning of his stomach. He should be given nothing for a day or two
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It is evidently a strain upon the heart if, at the height of digestion,
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portant than the change which within the last five-and-twenty
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have been advisable to keep the patient constantly under the
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The present work does not profess to be a treatise on psychology :
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evidence was invariably given with such remarkable clearness, and
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regard to suspended solids and oxygen consumed there was little
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(1400 ft.), Aussee, Innsbruck, Interlaken, Partenkirchen (2200 ft.),
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essentially distinct. I say arbitrarily, because I am not aware that
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vapors, changes from warm to cold air) must be as far as possible
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Or we may use " arsenf erratose, " the syrup of ferritinum arseni-
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same vessel, a milk of any desired composition can be obtained. We can,
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President of Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, on the first occa-
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toneally. Received 0.5 c.c. extract subcutaneously January 25, 30, February
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Day- rooms should be provided adjoining the wards for conva-
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same manner as when in a test-tube it is stirred up in serum already
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gai'ded as one of the most speedy and painless modes of exit from
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wounds, are entirely prevented, or very nmch lessened, by the care-
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guinea-pig serum may have the power of impairing the vitality
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exactly the same manner and given in the same dose. Antitoxin
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by the action of ether is at least partially restored to its preanes-
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Cinnamic Acid. — Besides creosote and its derivatives, numerous other
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newly-developed zeal for the study of dermatology, but, like all that
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B. acidi-lactici D, are described by Winslow and Walker.^