chloroform in the same way, one subject having 1 — 1000 of
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this circum.stance. — See Hays's Cyclop, of Med.,
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will be burning kerosene, but the roads are good, as all roads are in this
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with the most perfect sharpness of sight for "form," a person may be un-
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assign qualified reporters and feature writers to translate the scientist’s reports into
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comes down. It is a weighted filter, washed free from all
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contractions and gastric spasm, local and general, and allays
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to attribute the hsemorrhagic tendency not to deficient clotting but to a
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mild in character, lasting half an hour, but his sleep is now practi-
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ciated, although it does not constitute a definite clinical entity.
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years ago, when she had an attack of ovaritis. About fourteen
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10. On tie Th erapeutic Properties of Cedron. By Dr. Cazentre. — The seeds of
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neither find analogies nor homologies in animals lower in the
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Sue. de biol.. Par., 1884, 8. s., i, pt. 2, 189-195.— Simpson
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sence of leucorrhcea, or an acrimonious vaginal discharge at the
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"Microscopically there is found the change which appears in experimental
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e.d,'* by James VVardrop, Esq,. In his remarks on this
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activity is at rest ; in multiparse, after it has commenced.
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the arrival of regiments from other stations, as we need not
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when we recollect that all these were voluntary pupils, attending his
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or after the local bleeding, the countenance becomes pallid,
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ample, the circulatory disturbances caused by the convulsive spasm of the
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pound together ; it draws from off the head the Cress.
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instrument are thus kept at a proper temperature. An incision one
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ber of other cases of puerperal poliomyelitis have been re-
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omentum and intestines being closely united by dark green
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New York Polyclinic. In October, 1883, he began work as an assistant physician
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the room, placed near the floor it would fall, raised to ceiling it
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5S. I per cent, ended fatally. Fifty-three penetrating
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may here add a few details which were out of place in a clinical aooonnt
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indicate that the important lesions are those affecting the islands of Langer-
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material that she had examined for Dr. C. D. Ball, of Santa Ana, a year before,
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but the tumour was situated below the skin in the loose
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assuredly return in a more aggravated form. Epithelial
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but of the peritoneum over a softened mesenteric gland. If adhesion occur over
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usually slow. Joffroy has seen similar symptoms produced by a double
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Case 1571 was sent to me by Dr. Pickle of Cowansville. Mrs,
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grains of clot, twelve grains; and in the last cup not quite six
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titled "Tracheotomy, with a Report of Three Cases." Dr.