ous solution, containing only two per cent, of the other.
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bacteria are rapidly destroyed by the resistance of the tissues, and the result-
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mission of papers from one section to another will give rise to
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lived in for almost forty years. There, in Freeborn,
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beautiful photographs which Plate IV. contains at once arrest
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human body in healthfully-working order — requires re-
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revealed tenderness over the navicular bone with pain
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The first four chapters are devoted to optical and general out-
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this volume is emphatically one which, to be properly
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borne in mind that the gross lesions of meningitis sometimes
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berlain, of that place ; Dr. Franklin Staples and Dr. J. B. McGaughey, of Winona,
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jury to the peritoiiceum. The treatment of this class should
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did not succeed in completely suppressing Sarpedon,
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istrator of Anaesthetics in University College Hospital, the
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smaller vessels, they give rise to extravasations of blood. They are gener-
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Paulino, Jose. See de Oliveira, Jose Antonio; & Paulino, Jose.
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8 and 19). The lip must be freely separated from the anterolateral
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than ever beyond the surface of the scalp. The tongue
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" For four weeks I had been sufferidg with neuralgia of a very severe type and
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cation in the South." The doctor went into the history of this
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human chorionic gonadotropin was significantly reduced (p<0.004) after 16 weeks of treatment with 40 mg of
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do with ease only by means of language. Words in this way
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sudden withdrawal of morphine is no longer practised this collapse rcay
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patient a raving lunatic, her husband endeavouring to