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from the time I first saw him, and nineteen or twenty from the

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rosion or gnawing of the womb is to be feared. AlLof them

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of the patient, and in a very short space of time, the feet and body of the child may be

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right eye at intervals. In June of the present year his right eye com-

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nitrogenous metabolism, whereas in the other case, in which there was

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affected with cutaneous and visceral disease, similar to

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VII. VIII. Instrumental Drawing. Detailed copies of

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Benton, S. H. Antithermics in neuralgic pains, 560.

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called tubercle cells, that is, there is present in the tubercle an

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it certifies that all the required subjects have been passed at one

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The preventive treatment for malaria exercised us not a little,

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grooves out of which they never quite free themselves.

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dermatitis herpetiformis be but little affected, the favourable prognosis

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yielded promptly to intra-uterine injections of bichloride of mercury.

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without flaps — we have, from the point of view of the immunologist,

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active in manner, but not giving the impression of a man of

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attacked by this disease, are ever after liable to it.

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tion for permitting grocers to sell salts, senna, sulphur, and

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out-patient department is open daily, from 9 to 11 a. m.

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drawn to two large, pulsating vessels on the back of

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ence of long-continued rest in one position, in producing

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dressings more directly applied. The healing process will be thus

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fluid extract of cascara combined with peppermint water. This

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often very useful Best of all, perhaps, is reduced iron, provided it does not

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Urine. — An excess of urea was found by Walshe and others;

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