ease milder than typhoid fever. (3). Hyperpyrexia never occurs,

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Drainage is occasionally advisable — ^perhaps in 20 per cent of the

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School of Natural Sciences," that seeks, by means of

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voice husky from potassium iodide; iodide headache,

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The effects produced on the ner^^ous tissues and on structures with

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placenta reaching to the border of the inner cervical

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the slightest exertion. She had headache, backache,

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smoothly and permanently, and in several instances not even a scar

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besides the baths, the following ointment is useful :

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and tried forced flexion, flexmg the heel to the buttock,

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Sulphur, tollowed by the subsequent administration of Arnica^ is of

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hospital, in which he kept a careful record of those

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angle of ten degrees, 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, etc., from complete flexion to complete

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aspect as that which is observed when it begins in these

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streptococcus and the proteus vulgaris. Hartmann and

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be brought about sometimes by high-grade sterilization of the