Sir A. Cooper says,* "if the fistula does not open into the intestine,

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Sometimes it is the Extensors, and then the index finger or thumb

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One of the New and Nonofficial Remedies. A valuable adjunct in Ihi tn itm< tit of

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is of value in giving different viewpoints and more logical conclusions.

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the liver, thicken the gravy with a little butter and flour,

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humidity, and aeration. These, again, are of less moment than its state

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of the physician in attendance upon such cases. Ac-

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Army and Navy, shall be appointed by the Chiefs of the Army and

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of these remedies on the organs affected. In the treatment of all

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B. B. CULTURE is the trademarked name of our sole product, a

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4. Clothes worn tight around the abdomen have the effect, by

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bowel may suggest in the strongest way an acute in-

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Anthem they played " Tipperary." Our men, who were crowded

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Tube 8. Inoculated with a small piece of parenchyma of right ventral lobe.

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his farm, near the road, stood a very large tree, and thirty feet from the ground on

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methods of treatment for its relief. Physicians were

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tion of substances developed by roasting. Some of these are known —

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large intestinal hemorrhages which nearly cost him his life but they were

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