to diminish the trust reposed in the physician employed.
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and a fairly audible sound are thus restored ■ to the heart.
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nection between the uterus and the ovum, either by detaching
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This plan, adopted by Transylvania University last year
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Two days after admission, i.e. on the 28th January, 1871, he
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50 grammes (12^ di'achms) of quinine under the care of Chomel
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doubted, that they have repeatedly, before instruction,
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as scrofula, phthisis pulmonalis, etc. In adults we know
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tures, whenever he spoke of those whom he considered as
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and longest in the diseased ear. On the other hand, in
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render their reports in writing. The expense of all
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Several weeks later he was re-admitted for increasing
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for trading in the late fall. He indicated that enrollment
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nature. 4 - 5 Whether BIDS therapy will be of great
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to be equally discoverable in nerve as they are in muscle.
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amyl. Hiccup, too, judging from its spasmodic nature, may
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pressions of false notions as to the origin and nature of the
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ogy and to increase the number of Professors to seven,
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Prof. Kehrer of Heidelberg has investigated this sub-
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to give it in doses of from five to ten grains repeated once or
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we aware of any such case being on record." "We have
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not derived much service from the use of blisters, though the
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it is more properly called a peritonsillar abscess. The
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