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* The Surgeon's Vade Mecum. Seventh Edition, p. 112. London, 1856.
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to microscopical examination, when definite tubercles will be seen sur-
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gested that each school have its own examining board, allowing
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less than three years — most of them by vomiting; 600 were got rid of
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distinguish from organic diseases of the digestive tube. From the
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inflammation in the appendix, similar to the lymphangitis of the skin seen in
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respiration, the act of swallowing or defecation are accompanied by
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bacteriologically and microscopically. Notwithstanding the production of
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The literature which has already grown up in connection with
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tion, April 5, 1902) has from his experience with hernia among
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The Legislature of Ontario, reposing confidence in the
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ledge of physiological chemistry. The Avork of Emil Fischer and others
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nations in science and technology, and also to meet the requirements of candidates for the
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diminished, and the percussion note is generally tympanitic,
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alopecia markedly increased. Now, however, her teeth are being
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even at that late date, were very slight in comparison
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He used the Gottstein knife and the child bled to death in a
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the last century, were either Italians, or else had
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intermittent fever; especially in pregnant or suckling women and in
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handle, and having on its extremity, which is slightly curved,
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mise, puisque, comme je le rappellerai dans un instant, les theories
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tumors, growths and cancers at the change can be avoided.
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methods with multiple apparatuses, the sources of formol being numerous,
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any length of time. Similarly, ointment of red or yellow oxide of
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done elsewhere in Canada up to the present time. Tliere are various
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opinion was that the disease associated with lesions in the bowel was only
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surgical aid. When Dr. Herzberg first saw him, the upper eyelid