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tains, but advantage taken of the clearest light available ; and during
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the organ is easily separable into an anterior and a posterior lobe. The
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J. S., aged 50 years, entered the Beaujon Hospital on
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uric acid, and thus producing a more healthy blood. " Thus the
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absence of bacilli from the sputum, these being swallowed
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It is not common to find hydatid cysts in the lung, the liver
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feet. The fall had been unbroken until near the floor, when the
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by impure sexual intercourse from one adult to another.
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called coagulating, coagulable, or organ izable lymph effused
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countered 7 relapses in 1000 cases. More than one relapse may occur;
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number of factors, such as cardiac, renal, respiratory, etc., the
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1887, 97-115.— Bell (G. C.) Report of of poisoning
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little harm as an irritant, although, as Dr. Mulhall says, it
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Dr. Chalmers maintained later). The utilitarians, James and John Stuart Mill,
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intolerance of light, and neuralgic pains over the body, and that they exhale
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change of structure in those cases, where post-mortem examination has been
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Nilse and the cyanosis persisting. He was taken out of the sheet,
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jTqrm. — This variety occurs in individuals who are the subjects of chronic
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because of their power of dissolving cholesterin, it is extremely
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out with carbolic lotion, and covered in by the skin which
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— Ergot: H.-T-morrhage — Ilamamells — Hydrastis:
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Women, Materia Medica, Medical Jurisprudence, Botany,
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part of the large intestine and in the rectum, and occurs there from a
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disease in the human subject, but also to some extent upon animal
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The subcutaneous fat appears small in amount, as the vacuoles are encroached
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ineffectually treated by a variety of remedies for a great
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be excluded. Where there IS azotemia the „ever rises above one. The resistance of
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Influence of Occupations on Health. — A greatly enfeebled. But more serious danger
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tonics are indicated, of which, in cases of dyspepsia, the tincture of the chlo-
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for a long time, also lost. Besides, the relatives bring upon themselves the u next in-
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15 gepage, O. 10 J>ane, O. 17 bnnea, O. 18 a, O., for on. 19 Lane,
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Urine 26 .16 .06 .02 .18 .33 .22 .35 .50 .59 .60 .48
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as a whole, they are of great benefit to the class; for
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experience. To see that a swelling exists in a part is open to I
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mentions 2 cases in which extension of the bald areas stopped
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attending physician until about August ist, when the
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fresh cases of smaU-pox were reported last week in the Medical
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characteristic articulation, of spinal curvature, and of the peculiar deformity
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difficult shall we find it to accept such a view, when
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