nervous headaches, are complaints in which the remedy is indicated for
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students. He will probably have precious little *^P^*^^-
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The K. pneumoniae passed through mice maintained at 2° C was
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indirectly, but also by a derivative influence, tending to draw away an
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preferable, being much more agreeable to the patient and acccptuble to
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U. S. and Br. Pharmacopeias, by adding gradually to a heated mixturii
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DiLUTUM, U. &), containing, according to the directions of the present
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in the former, according to Pfaff, a variety of tannin which he calls
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light, the buzzing and roaring in the ears, the vertiginous sensations, the
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Now, it is true that science has modified the prac-
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• sc Src *=«!rr'"'.i!ii za- x ia-T** ri*<4il":e«i fr.m "he x?e of ia. iaj-iLr^ !3Ds
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ness of the dewy evening ? Who is not sensible of every
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of the most efficient remedies. In diabetes, strictly so called, it is an
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the above siiecies a native of Eur >pe, and naturalizeil in this country,
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But there is a still greater sacrifice which many Culture,
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but it exists also in abnormal proportion in the blood ; and the oleaginous
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out with the feces in this state, as proved by the experiments of Dr.
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Another valuable therapeutic agency of ether by inhalation is the
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1. Mechanical or Physical. — 2. Chemical. — 8. Physiological, Vital^ or Dynamic.
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the knee, ankle, or hip, which may possibly have been at first rheumatic^ J
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Urine. — The secretion from the kidneys goes on regularly,
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allowed to remain when the «t:n:tilaQt effect is the main indication, until
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tender-heartedness of the present quasi- scientific
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intense thirst. Not unfrcquently there is nausea with ineffectual retch-
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proved by the alliaceous odour of the breath, and, as has been asserted,
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always been among the most approved remedies in anthrax, gangrama
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Cow's Milk. — The milk of the cow is still -stronger, con-
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uble in water, alcohol, and ether. Its consistence has gained for it the
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asthmn are among these complaints; but the one in which it has the
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lowing cholera infantum, in consequence of its exemption from irritant
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purgative, which might prevent their use in reference to their tonic
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some one of the above methods, or some combination of them, that it