a gradual weeding out of the most susceptible hosts, and consequently a
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absent, whereas in mediastinal tumor murmurs are only occasionally heard.
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(2) Proboscis thin, more than twice the head length,
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,»-■ .,! li-liint,' ;,'ut. it in,i\ 1h- ncri-ssary in some cases to use a lombina-
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many veritable cases of primary neurasthenia where no other
is receiving increased attention. Private firms are discussing this
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to the examination of stomach contents, feces, sputum, many
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in lesser quantities and with heavy screens, the nodules
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we do not possess evidence sufficient to warrant a definite theory being put
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nil the subject. But given his peculiar nature, in a
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side showed signs of effusion, filling the whole pleural cavity. It was doubtful
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Pulv. Glycyxrh. rad., et Aquae, q. s. ut fiant pil. 180, Sumat 6 bis
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discovery that tubercular phthisis can be inoculated from
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The patient came under my care on August 18 of this year, and
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Becent progress in the treatment of fractures is due chiefiy to two
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for this neighborhood and therefore lacks sanitary significance.
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throughout the country unconnected with schools of medi-
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prevent the recurrence of the cold stage. This remark is
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by Gmelin's or Marechal's reactions. There is a considerable
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volume of one-fifth in mixing the salt and water. In other
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Proceeding to treat of diseases affecting the kidneys, I shall consider,
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side ; to this the patient had himself called attention be-
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grain) is the usual dose, and may probably be given
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charge continued for months, so that his health began
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experiment, studied the physiological action of benzoic
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This book is an intensely interesting and scientific one, dealing
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rather a sociological problem. The battle against tuberculosis has been
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Wochenschr., 1890, Nr. 36 u. 37. C. Strunz : " Ueber fUnf weitere Fiille von Gastrostomie mit
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Pellitory may be either Anacyclus pyrethrum or Xan-
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Adams. On l\ray 14th, at 37, Harrington Square, aged G, Henry
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published for ceftazidime by both routes of administration
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into bloodvessels or lymphatics. The gradual diflerences
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dihited on the side where the disease is specially marked. We
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des paupieres (desavauiages d'^ la greffe cutanee). Aich.
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By E. J. Grow, Captain, Medical Corps, United States Navy.