and when the latter is very acrimonious, the difference is simply in
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year may be granted to any student wishing to pursue independent
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Levi, G. 1905 Vergleichende Untersuchungen iiber die Grosse der Zellen.
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gineers, and under the supervision of government officers.
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Field hospitals with troops on the march, note 10, p. 555.
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mentia complex, 17 but an association of myelopathy with
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She was pale, exsanguineous, and exceedingly debilitated, her feet
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formed of coagulated blood (often spoken of as blood-casts] ; while
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the vagina is fo torn, that, having loft its ftrength, it
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sions, there was a hemorrhage over the second right
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sometimes without preceding convulsions; and of these hemiplegia,
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also the race is endowed with memory, instinct is understood
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ment, and the induration of the initial lesion seemed to develop under the
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spoken language, and can both think and speak. In agraphia the patient
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condition is to act as covering and protecting sheaths.
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the lower extremities, and which is to be done by stimulating pedi-
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Stomatitis. — Soreness of the mouth, and is hard to separate from
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is over, paralysis of one side of the body affecting face, arm and leg.
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pulmonary emphysema. Still, as a rule, tiie above affections of
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2. If the patient is content the extension has slackened
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in the larger proportion of cases thus tested for urea the blood
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Dr. George Pernet said that in the first place he thought the
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though his labors with Home and his classes in sur-
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at the hands of Folin. ^^ With the extremely delicate colorimetric
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Metallic-Tractors (no. 36) and Comfort to the Corns (no. 35). M. Dorothy
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tended; for though he seemed, in a manner, expiring, the outward
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by the fact that it is largely confined to the superficial
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being able to render non-toxic the degradation products of patho-