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full-page lithographic plates in colors and nearly 200 illustrations. Extra

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10. Idem. Meal Encyclopadie der gesammten Heilkwnde, 1881, vi. p. 28. — 11. Fere.

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brain, and hence why mere effusion cannot be distinguished from menin-

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soon after admission, to 104° F., and subsequently

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Subscription Price, per annum, $2.00. 1414 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, Cal.

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as an antidote in the case of hydrocyanic acid poison-

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next day. An inquest was called, and the two quacks

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Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Clinical Investigation),

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papular form is the most usual one, the eruption, if more acute, may

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action on the nerves of the respiratory system and nutrition,

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the lean had become stout, and the stout almost corpulent; the

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indicated uraeniic poisoning or embolic occlusion of some part

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2. Divide the platysma; open the space between the sternal

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may take place in the subcutaneous glands which hitherto

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is little danger of injuring the gall-bladder, or the

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and enough bouillon added to make 12 cc. in all. 5 cc. of this were injected.

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