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less closely; they are very copious and watery, but have
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pupil is to be initiated into the secrets of mercurial
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and an honest worker should be able to make an hon-
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55° C. ; but the addition of peptones to the solution raises its resisting
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be in its essential basis the product of some toxic, infectious proc-
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been removed, the destruction originated probably in the anterior inferior s^-
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Minnesota King yielded 43.6 bushels per acre of excellent
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difficulty increased to such a degi'ee that there was
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organs, especially of bodies which have been buried, were due
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injurious matters being retained or introduced in the blood. To
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however, that such is not the case, but that pterygium
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appear to vary somewhat in their virulence and the possibility suggested
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the tissues, there remaining inert, to be subsequently oxidised and returned
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localizing mainly in the right upper quadrant of the ab-
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teristic features of the other, as first insisted upon by Dr.
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termine the cause. Carbolic acid turns the membranes
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philanthropist, and a patriot, and erected to his own memory a monument
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As has been already said, all but about fifty of these eighty-
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not only comes from the nostrils in front, but may pass posteriorly
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the view of correcting the conditions of the stomach, liver
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chanical and physiological (which includes the avoid-
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were the beans, and were covered with a boiling hot brine containing
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causing it to contract upon itself in such a way as to pour its fluid
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170 Dr. Maiwhall — On tlie Influence of Language.
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The previously mentioned practical observations of the careful
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seems that it is possible to do this fairly well as far as meningococcus
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