ninety cases of diabetes, and that he had taken un-
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and after that binds up the little wound with a hollow bit
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ment, during which I saw my patient once or twice a week, with
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mal is almost immovable. Let a person unacquainted with bo-
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all eonvenient speed, but have a care of using remedies.
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man beings when sick, or maimed, or old, because they were sup-
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be seen that, since the year 18.j4, there have been
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lieve, and had an abiding distress that she had not «' a firmer
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A curious feature of the case was that in three days
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to some fault of technique in the preparation of cultures or of
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from 28° on the 1st to 55° on the 8th, 9th, 30th and 31st.
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The 'sceond work contains a useful resume of the changes in the
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informed of these truths, but the laity as well ; that the
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those which are hard are not very valuable, if they
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of the stones. By actual count, it was found that 196 stones had been removed.
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system, finds it absolutely necessary, not only to protect its small-pox
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provided. Malpractice paid. Practice credits toward
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Abdomen.— \V, R., aetat. 20, admitted 30th .May, 1826. Seven
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jects, to consider the problems of hygiene of special interest
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oven or before a clear fire. Scald a few capers in their own
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ently having its origin in the root of the first molar.
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from pus, the irrigations were reduced in number to three daily, and
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paunch. Give active stimulants every two or three hours.
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well borne it was increased by small additions from day to day, until tbe largest
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iie French army, and iDddoutally of tbe Enclleh and Bar-
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in seeking advice from one who is better qualified than
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gallon of cold water on a quart of liquid tar ; stir, mix
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rated, a brownish discoloration will be observed, which speedily changes
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part in preference to any other portion of the alimentary canal,
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cases illustrate the similarity of the lesions to those
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University Hospital. A.B. 1948, New York University;
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