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operation had to be repeated. There does not exist any doubt in

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cient women, as is the case with many other professions.

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negative. There was left adnexal tenderness but no mass.

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Sincere in purpose, steadfast in belief, and ready to serve

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tube containing the coagulated blood is measured out and put into one of the

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no doubt largely influenced the distribution and exacerbation of leprosy

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extension. Hippocrates and Galen advanced the teach-

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cant compared with the addition of timely and well-digested mate-

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he graduated, or from other physicians of good repute. The can-

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cinal poultices used for allaying inflammation. It was official in

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lished with numerous excellent sketches of cases under clinical

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protection of the nose ; Virgo claims the precedence of the

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the system with great suspicion; and consider it an intrusion!

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night, and died within two or three days. The spinal cords were in-

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During IMay and June the patient improved considerably, the urinary

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intracranial haemorrhage, where compression symptoms are becoming

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of the abdomen, the subject being a woman living in

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pose that the blood of the umbilical vein in the foetus, as well as that

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field for contemplation, and for the exercise of his iih

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Hemorrhagic Pustular Smallpox. A tendency to hemorrhage in, and

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by the 6th ; the extensors of the wrist by the 7th ; the flexors of the wrist

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by implication of the diaphragm and intercostals ; mastication, speech,

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into hospital. He had incontinence of urine both by day and

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partially organized clot was found loosely adherent to its inner

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trib., " Contribution to the Anatomy of Keloid," Archiv. Imp.

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age the lower nippers change their original upright direction,

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priesomnic time. However close the apparent analogy, there must be